Skyjacker ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Rear Shock

Code: skyA2036


Skyjacker ADX 2.0 Remote Reservoir Rear Shock

Part Number: skyA2036
Extended Length: 29.830 in.
Shock Stroke: 11.870 in.


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Skyjacker’s ADX 2.0 Adventure Series Remote Reservoir Aluminum Monotube Shocks deliver modern technology in the design with an innovative off-road race-inspired full-displaced valving system. With this highest level of technology development, ADX 2.0 provides consistent dampening, high-end performance, cooler running, more control, and improved driving comfort. Skyjacker’s ADX 2.0 shocks dampen out (control) the unwanted oscillation motion to improve handling and ride quality. ADX 2.0 will optimize your suspension by keeping your tires in contact with the terrain. Engineered for higher speed applications, remote reservoir shocks still perform at a crawl. Truthfully, we actually spend way more time on our daily commutes than we spend on the trails. skya2036 skya2036

The commutes are neither smooth surfaces nor free of obstacles. Quickstarts, up and down acceleration, and hard stops are a daily routine. The separate reservoir allows more room in the shock cylinder to increase the oil capacity. The large bore size design reacts quicker and creates the smoothest ride possible. The Teflon banded piston’s smooth reaction delivers a superior ride and adds stability on any terrain. Impact extruded CNC machined T6061-T6 aluminum monotube dissipates heat and runs cooler versus traditional steel-bodied shocks. The overall weight of the aluminum body and aluminum remote reservoir setup is lighter too. skya2036 skya2036