Hawk HPS Front Brake Pad Set

Code: hawkHB561F.710


Hawk HPS Front Street Brake Pad Kit

Part Number: hawkHB561F.710
Caliper Type: OEM
Use For Stock Calipers: Yes
Use For Stock Rotors: Yes
Use For Slotted Rotors: Yes
Use For Cross-Drilled Rotors: Yes
Brake Pad Material: Ferro-carbon
Friction Material Name: LTS
Shims Included: No
Electronic Wear Sensor Included: No
Hardware Included: No

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Street Race Pads (‘R’ Compound Code)* While the High-Performance Street/Race pad is ideal for many aggressive drivers that own high-performance street cars, it does produce a bit of noise and dust. * Aggressive Torque * Great Rotor and Pad Wear Life * 100-1200°F Operating Temperatures * Smooth and Predictable Control * Designed to Deliver High Deceleration Rates.

Consistent Brake Release Characteristics *High-Performance Street 5.0 (‘B’ Compound Code)* The new High-Performance Street 5.0 Pads are Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads that provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This new compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of motorsports, the results are shorter stopping distances, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and streetcar friendly characteristics. * Pushing the Limits of ABS * Decreased stopping distances * Improved pedal feel from initial pressure through entire pedal stroke * Minimal fade under Higher Temps * High friction/torque hot or cold * Gentle on rotors * Very quiet, low noise * Improved braking over OE pads * Extended pad life. hawkhb561f-710 hawkhb561f-710