Belltech Nitro Shock Absorber

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Belltech Nitro Shock Absorber

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When you think about lowering your Sport Truck or SUV. Historically the most overlooked component is the shock absorbers. With many Sport Truck or SUV owners simply leaving the factory units installed as a “good enough” afterthought. However, when you lower your Sport Truck or SUV, many of the components that you will use reduce the effective travel of the shock absorbers and can render your OEM shock absorbers virtually useless. This results in not only poor ride quality & reduced driving enjoyment, but a large safety concern. The first time you need to perform an emergency maneuver like swerving to avoid a child, animal, or another vehicle. You will quickly find out exactly what we mean. Excessive body roll and an incredible amount of front lean on braking, and rear dip on acceleration. These are all effects of a shock absorber. (or more appropriately named damper) that is not working correctly as it is out of its element or operating range.

You have effectively tied the dampers hands behind its back. Not enabling it to do its job and control or dampen the movements of the suspension. Belltech’s parent company KW automotive is a world leader in shock absorber technology and is relied upon for its expertise in suspension tuning by some of the world’s most demanding OEM and Aftermarket companies such as the ACR Viper team at Chrysler, Mercedes AMG, Novitec Ferrari, and Hennessey Motorsports. KW automotive engineers in conjunction with Belltech Engineers have spent countless hours designing and tuning a completely new line of shock absorbers exclusively engineered for Belltech Sport Truck, SUV & Muscle Car applications. *Belltech Nitro Drop 2 Shock Absorbers* The completely new designed Nitro Drop 2 shocks bring a high-performance blend of internal valve technology and state-of-the-art construction at a price never seen before for your vehicle. * OEM replacement with performance characteristics  bel8504 bel8504